1)      Independent food creation: Create a yummy snack with saltines. Supply children with saltines, a popsicle stick for spreading cream cheese, (much a small amount of cream cheese (edible glue), raisins for eyes, mouth, hair, and ears, and watch the fun begin.-0)

2)   Read a book such as “The Berenstain Bears out West (I Can Read Book 1) [Paperback] “Than make edible tumbleweed to combine a literacy activity with a fun edible craft.

Provide children with a few scoops of Soy Butter. I use soy butter so children with peanut allergies can join in the fun:-0) Put shredded wheat cereal in Ziploc bags. The children can apply pressure to the sealed bag with the palm of their hand to crush the cereal. Pour crushed shredded wheat into a bowl for each child. Soy butter can be rolled into small balls. Roll soy butter balls in the shredded wheat and whoolah!!!!!!- The children have just created edible tumbleweed.

3)   Clown snacks: Place half of a pear in the middle of a plate to simulate a face. Provide the children with grated cheese for hair, raisins for eyes and mouth, and a cherry for the nose. Insert these items on the pear. Create a ruffle collar out of a leaf of lettuce.

4)   Pimple tomatoes: O.K. THIS ONE IS GROSS:-0) But the children love farfetched creations. Insert a toothpick in a cherry tomato to make a hole. Fill the hole with cream cheese to simulate a pimple. This is popular, especially with the middle age grade schoolers who love the thought of anything that reeks of grossness. :-0)

I would like to emphasize the fact that children should create their snacks as independently as possible. Do not attempt to correct them if they want raisin eyes to be placed where hair should be. It is their creation not the teachers. If they take pride in their work, the children will develop self confidence that will catapult them to the next challenge. If corrected, they will most definitely withdraw.

As odd as some of these ideas may appear, i.e. pimple tomatoes – I have found that a child who is attracted to creating snacks “all by themselves” is more apt to eat healthy foods they normally would not eat.

Have a great day and happy eating:-0)

Mari N. M.Ed., CECE